Watercolor Moths Clipart


Watercolor luna moth clipart for your creative project or small business! 300DPI, PNGs with transparent backgrounds. My clip art comes with a license for use and is perfect for giving your work a whimsical, anatomical, or romantic edge.

Hand Painted 300 DPI Instant Download, Transparent Background PNG


Digital watercolor moths clipart- painted by hand, with love! These moths are great for adding an otherworldly feeling to any designs you are creating. I love scientific anatomical illustrations of insects, it’s inspiring and fascinating. Lunar moths also are a symbol of sleep and the moon. This clip art set is painted with that type of energy in mind.

This is a set of four watercolor moths in clipart, perfect for using in designs for your small business or hobby. They are printable as is, or you can mix and match them with some of my other clip art to create a custom composition perfect for you needs! If you make something beautiful with these, show me your work! You could end up featured on my homepage!

  • Transparent backgrounds and PNG files for creative freedom
  • Commercial use approved for small business owners- Check out my commercial and personal use licenses!
  • Easy and fast downloading so that you can get to work in a snap!

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