Watercolor Pigs Clipart


Watercolor Clipart of Pigs, for your artwork or graphic design projects! Each of these cute little piggies was hand painted, and is super easy to work with and use. 300 DPI images make printing a breeze, with large crisp file quality. Each image has a transparent background, so you can overlap each pig with other elements, to create your own custom composition.

Hand Painted 300 DPI Instant Download, Transparent Background PNG


Watercolor Pigs clipart, so you can design with your favorite barnyard friends! These adorably cute pigs are perfect for designs that have a homey, earthy feeling. I definitely enjoyed painting them, I love all of their little personalities! This set features four watercolor pigs, and the clip art is useful for all types of different designs- from teaching in a classroom to  invitations to a barnyard wedding, this watercolor pig clipart set is great for what you need.

I lived in Iowa for a while until I was 6, and one of their major exports is pigs. I always thought that they were so cute! This set would be awesome for a farmer, or someone who is homesteading.

Curious about how my usage license works? I have a simple terms of use, with the ability for small business owners to use my clipart freely. FAQ


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