Watercolor Rhododendrons Clipart



This is a clipart set featuring beautiful pastel and royal purple watercolor rhododendron flowers. Very romantic and still modern, this set would be fantastic for designers, artists, small business owners and creatives of all types. My work is huge, and 300DPI, so it looks fantastic when printed. Transparent backgrounds allow you to overlap flowers naturally and effortlessly. Use any colored background you like, my clipart will look great on it.

Download instantly, no waiting. You can choose from Google Drive or Dropbox, whichever service fits in the best into your digital ecosystem.

Hand Painted 300 DPI Instant Download, Transparent Background PNG



I created this watercolor rhododendrons clipart set one morning. I saw that the beautiful bush outside my apartment was blooming! This set was inspired by all of their beautiful blooms and branches. Wispy and graceful, blush pink, violet and soft pastels give this clipart set a lovely feminine floral feeling.

This watercolor rhododendrons clipart set is amazing for weddings, particularly wedding invitations! The color palette could be used for either a spring or a fall color palette. It’s lovely and delicate with a bit of an alternative vibe, because these flowers aren’t roses or anything that is too stereotypical for weddings. The light pastel purple floral elements along with deeper royal blues and dashes of pastel pinks give you a very versatile color palette to work with in your designs. It’s a simple as drag and drop!

These images are 300DPI, so you’ll never have a problem with images bleeding or pixelation. Enjoy creative freedom without constraints because of my transparent backgrounds. They are transparent PNGs which makes them very versatile and you can choose what elements to overlap and which elements to use a colored background with. Your imagination is your only limit. 

This set has also been featured in a “making of” video. It’s also included in the Ultimate Floral Collection! Soon to come, a YouTube video.


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