Watercolor Ice Cream Clipart


This is a lovely and delicious watercolor clipart set featuring the most delicious of desserts- Ice Cream!

This clipart set is perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs and designers. It’s 300DPI, features transparent backgrounds and is super easy to download.

Hand Painted 300 DPI Instant Download, Transparent Background PNG


This is a cute, tasty watercolor ice cream clipart set that features waffle cones!

This set was so fun to paint because I won’t lie… I love ice cream. One of my favorite things of all time. I love especially the cute waffle cones that ice cream comes in. I tried my best to do one of my favorite foods justice with this clipart set!

Just like the rest of my artwork, this watercolor ice cream set is 300DPI, and has a transparent backgrounds in PNG format. These are super fast and easy to download, and you’ll get a choice from Dropbox or Google Drive to download from.


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