Watercolor Gender Neutral Baby Clipart


Gender neutral watercolor baby clipart, perfect for creative projects, designs, and situations where you need to have cute, hand painted artwork involving babies.

This set is very large, 300DPI and features transparent backgrounds so you can overlap images naturally, as if they were painted together. Instantly download right from my website today, and you’ll have the choice of Dropbox or Google Drive.

Hand Painted 300 DPI Instant Download, Transparent Background PNG


Watercolor gender neutral baby clipart, for you and your baby! Or maybe your friend’s baby.. your friend who has yet to announce the gender of the baby. Or maybe you’re a believer in gender neutral parenting, and in need of an escape from the pink and blue that permeate through anything having to do with babies. Maybe it’s not that deep. Maybe you just dislike the colors pink and blue.

Well, I’ve got your back on this. This is a clipart set that features all baby stuff, but it’s gender neutral. It’s also not obnoxiously gender neutral either- no one would look at this and say “political correctness run amok!” No, it’s just cute, yellow, baby stuff. If you’re a business owner, maybe inventory gets crazy when you have two versions and it would be better to streamline it.

This adorable clip art set features a stuffed elephant, a bear, a blankie, two types of mobile, two types of diaper, leather baby sandals, a bottle, blocks, and a pacifier. All are handpainted with care by me, scanned and edited.

These images are transparent PNGs. This means that they can overlap with one another, or sit on top of a colored background and everything will look very natural, like it was painted that way. I have very large images, suitable for all types of sizes of printing, without losing quality. Terms of use for these is simple and easy. Check out my FAQ if you have questions.


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