Watercolor Fowl Birds Clipart


Watercolor Fowl birds clipart, for hunters, homesteaders, and more! This clipart set comes with a bunch of hand painted illustrations of different types of birds from the Fowl type. Includes two turkeys, a duck, a goose, and a cornish hen. This clipart would be perfect for farmers, homesteaders, anyone who loves the country life.

300DPI images allow you to print large or small. Transparent PNGs allow you to overlap images or create brand new compositions! Download instantly today and let your inspiration be your guide.


Watercolor fowl birds clipart, for those who love all things birds! Fun fact- Fowl is actually a type of bird… any type of bird that lays eggs! This set was hand painted in watercolors- I thought of any birds that people regularly would like to eat, like at thanksgiving. Morbid I know, but they are also cute! I think this set would be super useful for hunters, farmers, country lovers, anyone who is a fan of cottagecore, or homesteaders!

These images are 300 DPI PNGs. This means that they are super large, and easy to work with for easy printing. They can overlap like a real painting would, so you can have one bird standing in front of another. You can also layer this clipart set with other paintings and have your own unique composition! Would be awesome for country wedding invitations, baby shower invites, and more!

300DPI means you’ll have images that print beautifully, without having to worry about pixelation. Your only limit is your imagination, and your printer. Curious about the terms of usage for this clipart? Check out my useful and handy guide here!


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